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How Organizations Can Use Artificial Intelligence to Maximize Performance

Learn from leading global AI innovators and experts in an immersive digital on-demand experience focused on addressing your business-critical data, analytics, and AI challenges through a guided, step-by-step course and exclusive expert interviews.

Speakers:Alexis Crowell,Brien Porter,Edward Dixon,Parviz Peiravi,Peter Shen,Ronald van Loon,Sandeep Togrikar,Shashi Jain

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A Full Course on Machine Learning

This complete machine learning course from experts with a decade of experience will teach you various machine learning concepts including algorithm implementation.

Speakers:Data Science Instructor,Mohan Kumar,Richard Kershner

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A Full Course on Artificial Intelligence

This highly detailed educational course covers the most important topics on artificial intelligence.

Speakers:Data Science Instructor,Mohan Kumar,Rahul Venugopal,Richard Kershner

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How to Create a Sustainable Supply Chain with Data & AI

Sustainability is a requirement that’s linked to business customers, regulatory environments, and society. Business must reimagine sustainability standards across processes and operations.

Speakers:Elena Avesani,Ronald van Loon,Tai Ford

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Data Science in 5 Minutes

Aspiring data scientists need to learn basic data and analytics and data science concepts and responsibilities to set them on their journey into data science.

Speaker:Data Science Instructor

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