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40+ Amazing Innovations & Use Cases That Can Change the World

Learn about amazing innovations & use cases in business and technology from artificial intelligence advancements to game changing robotics across industries.

Speaker :     Ronald van Loon

0 Hours 30 Minutes | 42 Videos | Attendees: 147

Businesses are discovering amazing ways to use technology to shape culture, society, and the future trajectory and evolution of humanity. 

  • Discover how top organizations, scientists, engineers, and researchers are building new software, algorithms, machines, and inventions to improve and shape the world.
  • Learn about the latest technologies, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, IoT, virtual reality robotics, and how they are reshaping the world.
  • Take a glimpse into the future with new developments and use cases in healthcare, supply chain and manufacturing, eCommerce and more. 
  • Learn why technology is an integral component in helping the world overcome it’s most pressing challenges like climate change, healthcare assistance, cybersecurity, and sustainable development.

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5G and AI Smart Mining

5G and AI are unlocking digitization in the mining industry. Discover how the first ever IoT mining operating system is making progress in connectivity, interface,

Transform Patient Care With AI And Large Language Model

Critical patient data is trapped inside unstructured doctors notes. Discover how large language models extract important patient information

5G Smart Ports with Autonomous Driving

Ports are becoming automated due to 5G and L4 autonomous driving. Discover how smart ports are using the cloud to enable safe, efficient smart ports.

Digital Twins for AI Supercomputers

Discover how digital twin simulators help supercomputing facility designers, builders, and operators use accelerated computing

This AI Learned Diplomacy

Chess, Go, now Diplomacy! AI is learning to beat players at more advanced games using collaboration, coordination, communication,

Play with a Robot Dog Using 5.5G

Discover the next evolution of 5G with 5.5G

Smart Oil Wells

Smart oil wells use advanced technology

Geofencing 5G Location Technology

5G positioning location technology helps organizations deploy location services for autonomous vehicles, industrial IoT use cases, and emergency services.

Avatar’s End? Metaverse Body Projection!

Avatars' end? Metaverse body projection! 5G is enabling next generation experiences built in the metaverse.

Turning Images to 3D with AI

5G Enables Real-Time TikTok Shopping on Markets

5G networks are required to support modern technology demands for video

Manufacturing Parts Self-Assemble

AI Everywhere with Embedded AI

Save Lives with 5G and Smart Healthcare

5G is transforming healthcare. Discover new advanced use cases for 5G technology in the healthcare industry.

Create 3D Worlds for the Metaverse with AI

Watch Sporting Events From Every Angle!

Watch sporting events from every angle! 5G ushers in a new era of connectivity

Create Virtual Characters For The #etaverse With AI

Enhancing Robotics with AI

AI Robotic Avatars For The Metaverse

Create Avatars in the Metaverse with AI

AI accelerates Drug Discovery

The Metaverse Will Allow Users a Variety of Experiences Across Multiple Environ

Retail Shopping in the Metaverse

Smart Airports and Smart Travel

5G AI Smart Ports

Monitoring and Predicting Biodiversity Resilience Through AI and Robotics

Robot Learns How to Shape Play-Doh

Learn to play Baseball like a Pro

This smart batting cage uses cameras and sensors to track and analyze baseball player performance and give recommendations to improve their game.

Control a Drone With Gestures

Robot Hand Can Grab Anything

Data and AI can enhance robotic movement and operations. This soft robotic gripper can lift just about anything. Using tactile sensors, it can learn to identify new objects.

Co-creating in VR over 5G

This is the world first 5G streaming engineering model that brings virtual reality, augmented reality, and 5G to the factory and design process.

Assistive Robotic Wearables

Getting Dressed with the Help of Robots

Robot Learns to Brush Hair

A Robotic Cheetah Learns to Run Fast

AI Recognition of Patient Race in Medical Imaging

This research sheds light in the disparities and inequities that are unconsciously mirrored in the AI algorithms that are developed in healthcare.

Enhancing Observability for Innovation and Transformation in 2022


Retail Shopping in the Metaverse!

The World’s Most Advanced Automated Warehouses for Groceries

Application Integration, Automation and Virtual Payments

AI Assisted Decision Making

Autonomous Robots, Unmanned Aerial Technology

CEO and Principal Analyst at Intelligent World, holds over 20 years of AI and data analytics expertise. He's a top 10 global leader and recipient of 200+ industry awards.
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CEO and Principal Analyst at Intelligent World, holds over 20 years of AI and data analytics expertise. He's a top 10 global leader and recipient of 200+ industry awards.