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10+ Amazing Innovations & Use Cases That Can Change the World

Learn about amazing innovations & use cases in business and technology from artificial intelligence advancements to game changing robotics across industries.

Speaker :     Ronald van Loon

0 Hours 7 Minutes | 9 Videos | Attendees: 41

Businesses are discovering amazing ways to use technology to shape culture, society, and the future trajectory and evolution of humanity. 

  • Discover how top organizations, scientists, engineers, and researchers are building new software, algorithms, machines, and inventions to improve and shape the world.
  • Learn about the latest technologies, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, IoT, virtual reality robotics, and how they are reshaping the world.
  • Take a glimpse into the future with new developments and use cases in healthcare, supply chain and manufacturing, eCommerce and more. 
  • Learn why technology is an integral component in helping the world overcome it’s most pressing challenges like climate change, healthcare assistance, cybersecurity, and sustainable development.

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Control a Drone With Gestures

Robot Hand Can Grab Anything

Co-creating in VR over 5G

Assistive Robotic Wearables

Getting Dressed with the Help of Robots

Robot Learns to Brush Hair

A Robotic Cheetah Learns to Run Fast

AI Recognition of Patient Race in Medical Imaging

Enhancing Observability for Innovation and Transformation in 2022

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