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Data Science Course for Beginners

Data scientists need to learn how to take a business problem and apply methodologies, algorithms, business domain knowledge, and creativity to extract insights from data.

Speaker : Data Science Instructor

1 Lectures | 0 Hours 44 Minutes | 1 Videos | Attendees: 20

Explore a potential career as a data scientist and learn key concepts to aid your study and growth. This beginners level data science content is designed as a beginners level introduction into concepts such as data acquisition, data preparation, data mining, modeling building, and model maintenance.

Learn the importance of discovering patterns and relationships in data to predict future trends and signify customer patterns. Understand basic algorithms such as supervised learning, unsupervised learning, and classification.

Data Science Instructor at Simplilearn
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Data Science Instructor at Simplilearn

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Categories covered:

Analytics [Topic]

Data science [Topic]

Machine learning [Topic]

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