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Deep Learning In 5 Minutes

Take a basic introductory lesson in deep learning with practical, easily understandable examples.

Speaker : Data Science Instructor

1 Lectures | 0 Hours 5 Minutes | 1 Videos | Attendees: 48

Learn how deep learning is related to artificial intelligence in 5 minutes with simple drawings and pictures to aid the learning experience.

  • Understand the differences between deep learning and machine learning. 
  • Learn about neural networks including input layers, hidden layers, output layers, and channels. 
  • Learn where deep learning is applied like customer support, medical care, and self-driving cars. 
  • Determine the impacts of data and computational power on deep learning.

Data Science Instructor at Simplilearn
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Data Science Instructor at Simplilearn

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Categories covered:

Artificial Intelligence [Topic]

Data science [Topic]

Deep learning [Topic]

Machine learning [Topic]

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