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How to Manage End-to-End AI, ML, & Advanced Analytics Processes

Learn how to manage your data and analytics operations, implement new AI capabilities, and access business insights quickly.

Speaker : Fuad Habba

1 Lectures | 0 Hours 5 Minutes | 1 Videos | Attendees: 136

Driving innovative business use cases requires analytics and AI. Discover the benefits of working with a no-code AI platform to manage end-to-end analytics and AI processes:

  • Learn how to manage advanced analytics processes with simple interfaces and user friendly functionality. 
  • Find out how to bring AI and analytics into the hands of everyday business users while still augmenting the work of data science and analytics professionals.

Sr. Director, Global Client Development at FutureAnalytica
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Sr. Director, Global Client Development at FutureAnalytica

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Big Data [Topic]

Artificial Intelligence [Topic]

Machine learning [Topic]

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