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Power BI Full Course

Microsoft Power BI is a business intelligence tool for performing analysis, creating data visualizations, and generating reports.

Speaker :    Data Analytics Instructor

4 Hours 36 Minutes | 11 Videos | Attendees: 58

Learn more about Microsoft Power BI in this in depth tutorial including Power BI features, connecting data sources, the difference between Power BI and Tableau, creating charts and graphs, DAX functions, and data modeling. 

By the end of the course, you’ll learn about Power BI Dashboards, including how to create an interesting and powerful dashboard, how to publish it onto the Power BI servers, and how to derive insights from the dashboard.


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Categories covered:

Analytics [Topic]

Business Intelligence [Topic]

Data science [Topic]

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Course Content

4h 36m total length

Introduction to Power BI

What is Power BI?

DAX functions

Demo of Power BI

Demo of Power BI [Part 2]

Data Modeling in Power BI

Demo of Data Modeling [Part 1]

Demo of Data Modeling [Part 2]

Demo of Data Modeling [Part 3]

Power BI Dashboard

Demo of Power BI Dashboard

Data Analytics Instructor at Simplilearn
1 Attendees
4 Video series & Videos
Data Analytics Instructor at Simplilearn

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