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Driving Sustainability Initiatives with Data, Analytics and AI

Sustainability is a requirement that’s linked to business customers, regulatory environments, and society. Business must reimagine sustainability standards across processes and operations.

Speaker : Jon Chorley

1 Lectures | 0 Hours 6 Minutes | 1 Videos | Attendees: 47

Real-time data and analytics gives businesses the insights to make smarter decisions to eliminate waste, track supply chain operations, and monitor equipment. Businesses must  track and monitor their supply chain operations and processes and determine the environmental impacts of materials, how to improve efficiencies that reduce their carbon footprint, or how to improve packaging. 

Sustainability standards can be driven across industries like foods and beverages, automotive, transportation, and smart city developments.

CSO & Group VP, SCM Strategy, Oracle
47 Attendees
1 Video series & Videos
CSO & Group VP, SCM Strategy, Oracle

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