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HR: People Analytics During the Great Resignation

Organizations are implementing HR technology people analytics to monitor, analyze and take action on the reasons behind the great resignation to retain their workforce.

Speaker:Dr. Susan Biancani,Dr. Tyrone Smith Jr.,Durrell Robinson,Michelle Deneau
0h 43min
Posted: 3 months ago

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How to Close the Digital ROI Innovation Gap

Approximately 25% of organizations are delivering an ROI on their investments. This is the Digital ROI Gap. Organizations must close this gap to survive.

Speaker:Philip Carter,Ronald van Loon
0h 8min
Posted: 4 months ago

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Cyber Risk Financial Quantification

Business leaders want to understand the financial ramifications of digital transformation and cybersecurity risks in the digital era.

Speaker:Scott West,Tom Boltman
0h 27min
Posted: 3 months ago

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Latest Innovations in Machine Learning and Cloud

Discover some of the latest developments in machine learning and cloud innovations like computation, network connectivity, and storage.

Speaker:Javier Ramirez,Ronald van Loon
0h 10min
Posted: 4 months ago

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How Machine Learning Positively Impacts Customers

Companies of all shapes and sizes are using machine learning across industries. They need the capabilities to improve machine learning workflows and overcome challenges.

Speaker:Julien Simon,Ronald van Loon
0h 8min
Posted: 4 months ago

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Labor Market Data Best Practices for People Analytics

Discover how to utilize and standardize data into workforce information and intelligence and optimize it for use cases.

Speaker:Jeff Higgins
0h 38min
Posted: 3 months ago

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Using Data to Build Autonomous Vehicles

Technology policies and consumer behaviors are impacting the market, effecting how manufacturers build and test autonomous vehicles and ensure their safety.

Speaker:Andy Longworth
0h 24min
Posted: 4 months ago

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EU AI Regulations for Data Scientists and Business

EU AI regulations are making businesses and data scientists rethink the impact of machine learning algorithms and the effects that AI have on the population.

Speaker:David Howell,Dr. Sam Short,Helena Schwenk,Henry Brown,Holly Smith,Peter Jackson
0h 57min
Posted: 4 months ago

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Moving Your Data in the Edge or the Cloud

Data is generated everywhere. Businesses have more data than ever and must consider how to move that data in the edge and cloud.

Speaker:Ronald van Loon,Ted Dunning
0h 6min
Posted: 3 months ago

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