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HR: People Analytics During the Great Resignation

Organizations are implementing HR technology people analytics to monitor, analyze and take action on the reasons behind the great resignation to retain their workforce.

Speaker : Dr. Susan Biancani,Dr. Tyrone Smith Jr.,Durrell Robinson,Michelle Deneau
0h 43min
Posted : 1 year ago

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Revolutionize PR & Branding: AI-Powered B2B Tech Lessons from McLaren Racing

Discover how AI transforms PR, communication & influencer marketing in large tech firms, unlocking powerful branding strategies.

Speaker : Ronald van Loon
0h 15min
Posted : 4 months ago

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Labor Market Data Best Practices for People Analytics

Discover how to utilize and standardize data into workforce information and intelligence and optimize it for use cases.

Speaker : Jeff Higgins
0h 38min
Posted : 1 year ago

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Security Strategy: Managing Third Party Risk

Learn why managing third party risk is an essential part of your overall cybersecurity strategy.

Speaker : Evan Tegethoff
0h 44min
Posted : 1 year ago

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Switching to a Cloud Real-Time Analytics Platform

Companies need to discover the best practices for transitioning to a cloud native real-time analytics environment.

Speaker : Matt Maccaux,Ronald van Loon
0h 6min
Posted : 1 year ago

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AI & Cloud Financial Services Best Practices

The financial services industry needs the capabilities to be agile, innovate quickly, get ideas to market quickly, enhance security, and improve resilience.

Speaker : Dr. Stephan Schmidt-Tank,Ronald van Loon
0h 12min
Posted : 1 year ago

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Hybrid Cloud Data Management for Manufacturing

Manufacturing environment processes have been drastically altered as a result of the pandemic. A hybrid multi-cloud data management strategy helps organizations ensure business continuity.

Speaker : Matthias Roese,Oliver Schulz
0h 14min
Posted : 1 year ago

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5G Network Asset Management for Telcos

5G is changing the way that telcos manage their network assets from investment planning, asset construction, deployment, operation, and maintenance.

Speaker : Gary Pan,Ronald van Loon
0h 8min
Posted : 1 year ago

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High Performance Computing in the Cloud

The cloud enables companies like Arm to ramp up HPC computing power as needed to innovate faster.

Speaker : Mark Galbraith,Ronald van Loon
0h 9min
Posted : 1 year ago