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Myth Busters: Cloud Migration is Complicated

Many companies and business leaders are intimidated by cloud migration. But with the right approach, managing the transition to the cloud is easier than expected.

Speaker:Ronald van Loon
0h 4min
Posted: 2 months ago

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Unified Data Infrastructure for Data Silos

A unified data approach is an important requirement for digital projects. Businesses must extract data from silos and bring it together in an accessible form.

Speaker:Ellen Friedman,Ronald van Loon,Ted Dunning
0h 10min
Posted: 3 months ago

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Switching to a Cloud Real-Time Analytics Platform

Companies need to discover the best practices for transitioning to a cloud native real-time analytics environment.

Speaker:Matt Maccaux,Ronald van Loon
0h 6min
Posted: 3 months ago

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Managing ICT Risk in the EU Financial Sector

The Digital Operations Resilience Act (DORA) is being carried out by the EU to harmonize information and communications technology ICT risk requirements across Europe.

Speaker:Nuno Almeida Silva
0h 27min
Posted: 3 months ago

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Supply Chains: The Ransomware Epidemic

Ransomware attacks are rapidly evolving and present a business continuity problem that can severely disrupt critical supply chain operations.

Speaker:Chris Poulin
0h 32min
Posted: 2 months ago

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AI and IoT for Overall Equipment Effectiveness

IoT and AI solutions can improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) using predictive maintenance and condition monitoring.

Speaker:Viviane Schmidt
0h 17min
Posted: 4 months ago

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Preparing for the Data Age with Cloud

The new data age is here; organizations must be prepared for it by leveraging the value of the rebuilt cloud.

Speaker:Ronald van Loon,Sendur Sellakumar
0h 25min
Posted: 2 months ago

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HPC & AI: Next-Gen Applications Across Industries

HPC (High Performance Computing) is supporting the growth and advancement of computational intensive workloads across industries as organizations require capabilities to support AI and data and analytics.

Speaker:Ronald van Loon,Trish Damkroger
0h 7min
Posted: 2 months ago

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The Intelligent Edge: How to Get Started

The next level of the edge is here. Organizations need to understand the opportunities and challenges associated with implementing an intelligent edge solution.

Speaker:Ronald van Loon,Stacey Shulman
0h 7min
Posted: 2 months ago

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