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AI Solutions and Data Science support for Fraud Detection

Fraud losses are at a record-breaking level and will only get worse. AI and data science powered fraud detection and prevention is the answer.

Speaker : Fuad Habba
0h 4min
Posted : 3 days ago

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Erasing the Digital Divide with Digital Inclusion

Nearly half the world is unconnected from digital technology, and this digital divide must be addressed to drive digital equality and inclusion for everyone.

Speaker : Ken Hu,Ronald van Loon
0h 4min
Posted : 6 months ago

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Cloud and AI Improve F1 Performance and Experience

There is a large volume of data available in Formula 1 used to engage fans and generate predictive insights into specific race details.

Speaker : Dr. Matt Wood,Rob Smedley
0h 5min
Posted : 4 months ago

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Evolving Genomics Research with Data & Cloud

Genomics is the study of the entire DNA sequence. Genomics England provides regularly available genomic data for researchers and healthcare institutions.

Speaker : Chris Wigley
0h 9min
Posted : 4 months ago

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The World’s Most Advanced Automated Warehouse

Discover how the most efficient fulfillment of online groceries in the world takes place in a cutting edge automated, robotics operated warehouse.

Speaker : Alex Harvey,James Donkin
0h 13min
Posted : 5 months ago

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Megatrends in Mobile & 5G

Discover the mobile and 5G megatrends driving industry advancement and new case study adoption.

Speaker : Daisy Zhu,Ronald van Loon
0h 7min
Posted : 4 months ago

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Using Flash Storage to Enhance Data Management

Businesses are using flash storage to securely manage data and reduce the complexities of IT landscapes.

Speaker : Ronald van Loon
0h 0min
Posted : 8 months ago

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What are Intelligent Twins?

You’ve heard of digital twins, but what are intelligent twins? Discover how intelligent twins are impacting enterprises, cities, and industries.

Speaker : Jacqueline Shi,Ronald van Loon
0h 7min
Posted : 6 months ago

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Online/offline Personalization with A.S. Watson

Take an inside look into a business transformation story from A.S.Watson, the world's largest international health and beauty supplier.

Speaker : Andrea Zoboli,Gerrit-Jan Steenbergen
0h 25min
Posted : 5 months ago