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Myth Busters: Cloud Migration is Complicated

Many companies and business leaders are intimidated by cloud migration. But with the right approach, managing the transition to the cloud is easier than expected.

Speaker : Ronald van Loon
0h 4min
Posted : 1 year ago

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Cloud and AI Improve F1 Performance and Experience

There is a large volume of data available in Formula 1 used to engage fans and generate predictive insights into specific race details.

Speaker : Dr. Matt Wood,Rob Smedley
0h 5min
Posted : 10 months ago

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Supply Chains: The Ransomware Epidemic

Ransomware attacks are rapidly evolving and present a business continuity problem that can severely disrupt critical supply chain operations.

Speaker : Chris Poulin
0h 32min
Posted : 1 year ago

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5G Telco Monetization Opportunities

Telecom is monetizing industry opportunities that drive new revenue streams by collaborating with industry solutions providers who can provide services to their end customers.

Speaker : Ciaran Harron,Ronald van Loon
0h 7min
Posted : 1 year ago

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People Analytics for Talent Acquisition

People analytics is a top priority among 70% of executives. Organizations are leveraging external data to analyze job roles for talent acquisition and retention strategies.

Speaker : Noble Madu,Vin Vashishta
0h 44min
Posted : 1 year ago

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5G Telco Business Domain Revenue Opportunities

Explore what industries drive the most revenue for telcos, which industries are early adopters, and what game changing applications can be expected in the future.

Speaker : Dhiren Doshi,Ronald van Loon
0h 10min
Posted : 1 year ago

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Revolutionize PR & Branding: AI-Powered B2B Tech Lessons from McLaren Racing

Discover how AI transforms PR, communication & influencer marketing in large tech firms, unlocking powerful branding strategies.

Speaker : Ronald van Loon
0h 15min
Posted : 1 month ago

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Harnessing AI with 5G Virtualization

New developments in 5G virtualization are transforming networks. Organizations must understand why this is important and be ready for new use cases and applications.

Speaker : Cristina Rodriguez,Ronald van Loon
0h 7min
Posted : 1 year ago

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Measuring the Financial Impact of Cyber Risk

Exposure to cyber risk is inevitable in the modern business world, but building and maintaining a robust cybersecurity program is highly challenging.

Speaker : Nuno Almeida Silva,Scott West
0h 30min
Posted : 1 year ago