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Using Data to Build Autonomous Vehicles

Technology policies and consumer behaviors are impacting the market, effecting how manufacturers build and test autonomous vehicles and ensure their safety.

Speaker : Andy Longworth
0h 24min
Posted : 1 year ago

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AI-Powered Fraud Detection & Prevention in Retail

Retailers face fraud threats that traditional fraud prevention methods can’t combat. Learn how one retailer used AI-driven fraud prevention to stop fraud at 50 locations.

Speaker : Fuad Habba
0h 5min
Posted : 11 months ago

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Moving Your Data in the Edge or the Cloud

Data is generated everywhere. Businesses have more data than ever and must consider how to move that data in the edge and cloud.

Speaker : Ronald van Loon,Ted Dunning
0h 6min
Posted : 1 year ago

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HR: People Analytics During the Great Resignation

Organizations are implementing HR technology people analytics to monitor, analyze and take action on the reasons behind the great resignation to retain their workforce.

Speaker : Dr. Susan Biancani,Dr. Tyrone Smith Jr.,Durrell Robinson,Michelle Deneau
0h 43min
Posted : 1 year ago

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Cyber Risk Financial Quantification

Business leaders want to understand the financial ramifications of digital transformation and cybersecurity risks in the digital era.

Speaker : Scott West,Tom Boltman
0h 27min
Posted : 1 year ago

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AI and IoT for Overall Equipment Effectiveness

IoT and AI solutions can improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) using predictive maintenance and condition monitoring.

Speaker : Viviane Schmidt
0h 17min
Posted : 1 year ago

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Key Considerations For Moving to a Desktop-as-a-Service Model

Organizations are choosing to move to Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) to enhance flexibility, efficiency, connect from anywhere and respond to digital transformation challenges.

Speaker : Jose Augustin,Ronald van Loon,Shane Kleinert
0h 12min
Posted : 1 year ago

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Revolutionize PR & Branding: AI-Powered B2B Tech Lessons from McLaren Racing

Discover how AI transforms PR, communication & influencer marketing in large tech firms, unlocking powerful branding strategies.

Speaker : Ronald van Loon
0h 15min
Posted : 7 months ago

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Switching to a Cloud Real-Time Analytics Platform

Companies need to discover the best practices for transitioning to a cloud native real-time analytics environment.

Speaker : Matt Maccaux,Ronald van Loon
0h 6min
Posted : 1 year ago