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Saving Marine Life with AI

Learn how smart technology can be used to measure the devastating impacts of noise pollution on marine life.

Speaker:Emer Keaveney
0h 4min
Posted: 1 month ago

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8 Technology Predictions for 2030

Share a glimpse into what the future may bring. These predictions are based on the Huawei Intelligent World 2030 Report.

Speaker:Ronald van Loon
0h 7min
Posted: 3 days ago

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How to Innovate Using the Cloud

Organizations need to rapidly change to adapt. The cloud helps organizations be flexible in the face of disruption, overcome challenges, and create innovative services.

Speaker:Jeremy Drury,Ronald van Loon
0h 10min
Posted: 4 months ago

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Measuring the Financial Impact of Cyber Risk

Exposure to cyber risk is inevitable in the modern business world, but building and maintaining a robust cybersecurity program is highly challenging.

Speaker:Nuno Almeida Silva,Scott West
0h 30min
Posted: 1 week ago

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