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Unified Data Infrastructure for Data Silos

A unified data approach is an important requirement for digital projects. Businesses must extract data from silos and bring it together in an accessible form.

Speaker : Ellen Friedman,Ronald van Loon,Ted Dunning
0h 10min
Posted : 7 months ago

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Preparing for the Data Age with Cloud

The new data age is here; organizations must be prepared for it by leveraging the value of the rebuilt cloud.

Speaker : Ronald van Loon,Sendur Sellakumar
0h 25min
Posted : 6 months ago

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People Analytics for Talent Acquisition

People analytics is a top priority among 70% of executives. Organizations are leveraging external data to analyze job roles for talent acquisition and retention strategies.

Speaker : Noble Madu,Vin Vashishta
0h 44min
Posted : 5 months ago

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High Performance Computing in the Cloud

The cloud enables companies like Arm to ramp up HPC computing power as needed to innovate faster.

Speaker : Mark Galbraith,Ronald van Loon
0h 9min
Posted : 8 months ago

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Security Ratings: Measure & Mitigate Cyber Risk

Many companies don’t understand cyber risk and need a comprehensive solution to analyze and measure their organization’s financial exposure.

Speaker : Alfonso Hermosillo
0h 26min
Posted : 6 months ago

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Saving Marine Life with AI

Learn how smart technology can be used to measure the devastating impacts of noise pollution on marine life.

Speaker : Emer Keaveney
0h 4min
Posted : 5 months ago

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Measuring the Financial Impact of Cyber Risk

Exposure to cyber risk is inevitable in the modern business world, but building and maintaining a robust cybersecurity program is highly challenging.

Speaker : Nuno Almeida Silva,Scott West
0h 30min
Posted : 4 months ago

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Cloud Experience for On-Premise Data Center

Organizations lack the flexibility of a modern cloud as-a-service experience that brings them consumer driven capabilities into the business domain.

Speaker : Flynn Maloy,Ronald van Loon
0h 7min
Posted : 5 months ago

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Managing Data Ecosystems with Multi-Cloud

Organizations can learn to participate in the data economy, using data as a valuable asset, and implementing the right processes, platforms, and business model prerequisites.

Speaker : Stefan Brock,Stephan Buechel
0h 15min
Posted : 8 months ago