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A Full Course on Artificial Intelligence

This highly detailed educational course covers the most important topics on artificial intelligence.

Speaker:Data Science Instructor,Mohan Kumar,Rahul Venugopal,Richard Kershner
5h 12min
Posted: 5 months ago

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Data Science in 5 Minutes

Aspiring data scientists need to learn basic data and analytics and data science concepts and responsibilities to set them on their journey into data science.

Speaker:Data Science Instructor
0h 4min
Posted: 5 months ago

5 days 19 hours left for free!

Deep Learning In 5 Minutes

Take a basic introductory lesson in deep learning with practical, easily understandable examples.

Speaker:Data Science Instructor
0h 5min
Posted: 5 months ago

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The Intelligent Edge: How to Get Started

The next level of the edge is here. Organizations need to understand the opportunities and challenges associated with implementing an intelligent edge solution.

Speaker:Ronald van Loon,Stacey Shulman
0h 7min
Posted: 2 months ago

1 days 19 hours left for free!

People Analytics for Talent Acquisition

People analytics is a top priority among 70% of executives. Organizations are leveraging external data to analyze job roles for talent acquisition and retention strategies.

Speaker:Noble Madu,Vin Vashishta
0h 44min
Posted: 1 month ago

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