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Driving Sustainability Initiatives with Data, Analytics and AI

Sustainability is a requirement that’s linked to business customers, regulatory environments, and society. Business must reimagine sustainability standards across processes and operations.

Speaker:Jon Chorley
0h 6min
Posted: 7 months ago

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Why data education is fundamental

What Steps Can B2B Organizations Take to Become Data Driven? There is really no industry left untouched by data analytics.

Speaker:Joe DosSantos,Ronald van Loon
0h 26min
Posted: 7 months ago

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How to Improve Operational & Financial Resilience Using Cloud

Learn from Innovative Industry Leaders & Experts in an Immersive Digital On-Demand Experience Focused on Addressing Your Ability to Respond to Disruption and Build Operational & Financial Resilience Through a Dynamic Multimedia White Paper.

Speaker:Alexander Ashu,Bill Roy,Lara Ariell,Matthew Trager,Oscar Guerrero,Ronald van Loon,Sheetal Devi
1h 0min
Posted: 7 months ago

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Process and Product Innovation for Manufacturing

Manufacturing must respond to rapidly changing market dynamics via the continuous digital innovation of processes and products.

Speaker:Stefanie Naujoks
0h 9min
Posted: 7 months ago

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Data Science Course for Beginners

Data scientists need to learn how to take a business problem and apply methodologies, algorithms, business domain knowledge, and creativity to extract insights from data.

Speaker:Data Science Instructor
0h 44min
Posted: 2 months ago

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How to Use Data for Better Policy Making

This online workshop helps you learn how to gather, analyze, and understand data for better policy making. Discover why this approach is valuable.

Speaker:Andrew Young,Laura Kirchner Sala
0h 45min
Posted: 5 months ago

5 days 20 hours left for free!

HR: People Analytics During the Great Resignation

Organizations are implementing HR technology people analytics to monitor, analyze and take action on the reasons behind the great resignation to retain their workforce.

Speaker:Dr. Susan Biancani,Dr. Tyrone Smith Jr.,Durrell Robinson,Michelle Deneau
0h 43min
Posted: 4 months ago

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Labor Market Data Best Practices for People Analytics

Discover how to utilize and standardize data into workforce information and intelligence and optimize it for use cases.

Speaker:Jeff Higgins
0h 38min
Posted: 4 months ago

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How Machine Learning Positively Impacts Customers

Companies of all shapes and sizes are using machine learning across industries. They need the capabilities to improve machine learning workflows and overcome challenges.

Speaker:Julien Simon,Ronald van Loon
0h 8min
Posted: 5 months ago

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