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AI & Cloud Financial Services Best Practices

The financial services industry needs the capabilities to be agile, innovate quickly, get ideas to market quickly, enhance security, and improve resilience.

Speaker : Dr. Stephan Schmidt-Tank,Ronald van Loon
0h 12min
Posted : 2 years ago

5G Network Asset Management for Telcos

5G is changing the way that telcos manage their network assets from investment planning, asset construction, deployment, operation, and maintenance.

Speaker : Gary Pan,Ronald van Loon
0h 8min
Posted : 2 years ago

AI: The Key Ingredient in Cybersecurity

Security is top priority for any new enterprise project. Organizations must explore how AI can help protect against all kinds of threats

Speaker : Ronald van Loon,Tony Franklin
0h 7min
Posted : 1 year ago

HPC & AI: Next-Gen Applications Across Industries

HPC (High Performance Computing) is supporting the growth and advancement of computational intensive workloads across industries as organizations require capabilities to support AI and data and analytics.

Speaker : Ronald van Loon,Trish Damkroger
0h 7min
Posted : 1 year ago


Preparing for the Data Age with Cloud

The new data age is here; organizations must be prepared for it by leveraging the value of the rebuilt cloud.

Speaker : Ronald van Loon,Sendur Sellakumar
0h 25min
Posted : 1 year ago


People Analytics for Talent Acquisition

People analytics is a top priority among 70% of executives. Organizations are leveraging external data to analyze job roles for talent acquisition and retention strategies.

Speaker : Noble Madu,Vin Vashishta
0h 44min
Posted : 1 year ago

Reducing Customer Churn with Analytics and No-Code AI

Customer churn poses a major revenue challenge for telco companies. Discover how analytics and AI can reduce customer churn and increase revenue.

Speaker : Fuad Habba
0h 5min
Posted : 1 year ago

How to Innovate Using the Cloud

Organizations need to rapidly change to adapt. The cloud helps organizations be flexible in the face of disruption, overcome challenges, and create innovative services.

Speaker : Jeremy Drury,Ronald van Loon
0h 10min
Posted : 2 years ago

From Data Chaos to Data Harmony: A Hands-On Guide for Fortune 2000 Executives

Fortune 2000 executives want to leverage data-driven automation for improved efficiency, optimized workflows, and better decision-making. Learn how to eliminate data chaos that hinders these benefits.

Speaker : Ronald van Loon
0h 10min
Posted : 10 months ago